Share Your Story with us

We are looking for a variety of self-expression. In addition to fiction, non-fiction, personal essays, and poetry, we would love to see artwork, photography, book reviews, letters from the field, second hand as told by stories from fallen soldiers, and even tried and true recipes to make sea rations taste better. Please see our submission guidelines to enter your work for consideration.

Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for all submissions, no matter the genre
  • Submissions are open to the military population and family members writing in English about military experiences.
  • All submission should include contact information, pagination, and be submitted in a word doc in standard fonts.
  • Submissions are open year round, but specific genres might close. Refer to those guidelines for updates.
  • Expect to hear from our team within four to six months. We give every piece careful consideration, so please be patient. If it’s been longer than that, feel free to query.
  • Please wait for a response to your submission before submitting new work.
  • Include a cover letter with your submission but refrain from explaining your work. Let it speak for itself. Include a brief third-person bio with your cover letter.
  • We encourage and accept simultaneous submissions. Please let us know if your work has been accepted elsewhere so we can cheer for you.

Poetry Guidelines

  • Poets can submit up to 3 poems, each 25 lines or fewer in a single document. 
  • Our editors are especially interested in unconventional poetic forms. Nonconforming and hybrid poetry is welcome and encouraged.
  • We want to see how poetry makes the heart sing.

CNF Guidelines

  • Writers can submit up to 5000 words in a single document per submission.
  • Our editors want to see stark prose that peels back the typical military experience and gets to the heart of what it means to serve.
  • If our editors feel strongly about a piece, they may work with the writer to develop and polish the essay. By submitting to Dress Blues, you acknowledge and understand edits might be necessary for publication.

Fiction Guidelines

  • Writers can submit up to 5000 words in a single document per submission. This includes short stories, flash, and micro work. No excepts from novels or longer works.
  • Our editors want to see evocative writing, prose with presence, resonance and visceral stories. Please don’t send us typical military stories. We want to see what’s underneath.

Art and Photo  Guidelines

  • All photos and art must be captured or created by the submitter and not from the internet. 
  • Please add context or explanation describing the photo or art meaning submitted.

How to submit

Email your submission to and include the genre of the piece attached in the subject line. Please attach your file to the email for review.