By Thomas M. McDade

It was just another
refueling and no big deal
since we were pulling
into Bermuda
the next day.
All went well
until the hose
was uncoupled
before the Truckee
stopped pumping.
Sailors were sliding
learning the value
of lifelines
and snaking.
It was as if our
worlds were
our clothes
flying into
into the sea
like sick birds
and the next day
filling out chits
on the mess decks
for dungarees
chambray shirts
skivvies, whites
and boondockers
like new recruits.

“Rewinding” was previously published in the following:

Tin Can Sailors Website, Poet’s Corner “Rewinding” – As “Truckee”

A Ditty Bag of Navy Poems – Online Publication “Rewinding” – As “Truckee”



About the Author

Thomas M. McDade is a resident of Fredericksburg, VA, previously CT, & RI.  He is a graduate of Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT.  McDade is twice a U.S. Navy Veteran serving ashore at the Fleet Anti-Air Warfare Training Center, Virginia Beach, VA and at sea aboard the USS Mullinnix (DD-944) and USS Miller (DE / FF-1091). His poetry has most recently appeared in The Beliveau Review and Last Call Chinaski, An Homage to 70 Years of Bukowski's Influence on Culture and Writing.